MAD Improv is the home of improv in English in Madrid.

Who we are

Since MAD Improv came to life in January 2014 more than 2 dozen talented English-speaking improvisers have shaped MAD Improv into what it is today: a dynamic team of improvisers who come from across the US & the UK, creating, producing & teaching a comprehensive range of improv events in English in Madrid the whole year round.

What we do

We stage an original show every Tuesday in the centre of Madrid, offer extensive training opportunities for improvisers of all levels of experience, perform customised, interactive shows in schools and other educational institutions and we collaborate with businesses so that they can get the most out of their events.

Who YOU are

Whether you’re looking for training, entertainment, personal or professional development or a great way to socialise – whether you’re new to Madrid, were born here or are just passing through – then MAD Improv could be the fresh, dynamic creative experience you’re looking for.

As our founder, actor Ben Serio would say: “Improv is the ‘life hack’ that we all need – now more than ever!”

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And remember… Don’t get mad, get MAD Improv!