MAD Shows


MAD has shows EVERY THURSDAY at 9:30pm at Teatro Escalera de Jacob , C/ Lavapies 9. Metro: Tirso de Molina

MAD vs. el Mundo: Every first Thursday of the month we invite a Spanish impro team to join us for a bilingual improv extravaganza! Based on the “cage match” format, it’s one 25 minutes set in English, one in Spanish and then a combined set where anything and any language goes!

MAD ABOUT YOU: Every third Thursday we’re inviting YOU to the stage to be guests in MAD’s very own live improvised talk show! Enter MAD’s exclusive, largely-imaginary basement studio to discuss a theme with our own “a Jimmy Kimmel-type” host. Your interviews will then serve as the inspiration for our scenes. Want to be a guest? Just let us know by filling out the slip when you enter the studio theater.

Price at the door 10€, with reservations through the theatre’s website 8€. Contact us for special offers for students and groups!

See our facebook events to connect with others looking to dive into the Madness for a spell.

Weekly Improv Gym

One of the coolest aspects of our community of creatives is that we have a completely open, weekly Improv Gym!

¿WHAT’s that? you ask…

It’s a place where people from ALL backgrounds and ALL levels of Improv can get together to get silly, creative and maybe a little MAD. We let our hair down, we stretch and challenge ourself and leave a little bit closer to nirvana. And we’ve been running them for over four years. (All in English)


Spring and Summer: Retiro park, check out the event on Meetup for a more exact location.

Fall, Winter: Espacio en Blanco, Calle Mira el Sol 5 y 7


Every Sunday from 16:30 to 18:00.


There is NO mandatory fee. We ask for a 5€ donation at the end of the 2 hours to pay for the space, expenses, and the instructor’s time.

See what people on Meetup say.

Improv Jam

MAD Improv presents a short-form improv jam in English. Always wondered what it was like to play the games you see on Who’s Line Is It Anyway (or many other improv shows)? Here’s your chance! You pick the games and who you want to play with, we provide an MC and drinks (for a donation).

In contrast to our open workshops on Sunday, this evening does not include instruction, except brief explanations of games. The best comparison is to a stand-up open mic, except with improv games instead of pre-written jokes. Signups start at 20:15, form a team and choose games when you arrive or in advance.




Monthly on Saturday


Our classes and workshops are start in October. Find out more under the classes tab on the menu.