Who Is MAD?

Is It MADness?

MAD Improv is Madrid’s Improvised Comedy Theater in English. Founded on January 1, 2014 with the patronage of Scott Cleverdon & Assumpta Serna and their amazing acting for the camera school: Fundación First Team. What is MAD? Umm… Well, explaining a name is a lot like explaining a joke and we at MAD Improv pride our selves in our sense of humor. So we won’t explain the methods to our MADness, suffice is to say that here in MADrid, we have MAD creativity. We perform improvisation in English! What’s improv? Read about it on Wikipedia (Cheating, We know).

Basically, ANYTHING can show up during a show. From suggestions (words used to give inspiration at the beginning of a scene by the audience) to the ‘picture’ painted by the improvisers.

Not into reading! Find out for yourself! Come to a Sunday Weekly Gym session or one of our shows on Thursdays and get MAD with us:

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MAD Improv was founded in January of 2014. A comedian from Orlando and an actor from New York noticed that there was a decided lack of Improvised Theater in English in Madrid and so they approached a cinema scholar from Edinburgh who ran an acting on camera school known as Fundación First Team where MAD Improv lives to this day.


From the very first days of it’s inception, MAD has been clear and held firm its principle motives for existing. To create, grow and have fun! We are all about making our people feel at home in a safe environment for taking risks, trying new things and existing outside of our comfort zones. All of these elements ensure that we grow as actors and more importantly as people. The best part is the way we do it, we have fun along the way. Furthermore, we are committed to creating an open forum for English language theater and indeed all the creative arts in English and any other language in Madrid.



Grandma always told us, “You wanna’ know who you are? Take a look at who your friends are.” Here are some folks we are grateful to call friends:


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