Aaron Paulsen

Aaron: He's from Vermont. Ask him about syrup

Aaron won the space race in 1968 but doesn’t like to brag. After studying, performing, and teaching improv weekly at the Vermont Comedy Club, Aaron set his sights to the skies. Some say he’s still up there with the Martians rubbing elbows with their leader, which for Martians is a sex thing. Some say he’s moved on to Jupiter to get LESS stupider. Still others say he’s back on Earth super excited to be performing with MAD Improv. So, who’s right? My space-money’s on the Jupiter crowd but you should check out the MAD shows just to be safe.

Benjamin Nathan-Serio

BEN: The goo in guru

Benjamin Nathan-Serio, true to the consummately dedicated artist that he is, has been improvising his life since his Kindergarten teacher threw him out of class for charging his classmates to see his ass. Though the business was a failure, his theater career sky-rocketed from there. Since Ms. Cohen’s ejection of Ben in 1987, he has been kicked out of all kinds of theater classes and stages across the Northeastern United States, Latin America and even here in Europe. To keep up with Ben’s ejections go to

Bob Schirmer


Bob is a guy with many ideas about the profundity of humanity and most importantly- oh look there’s a funky building!

Chris Matus

CHRIS: He who plays games

Chris Matus is a player. The dude plays games. To some he’s a game player. To others he’s a player of games. Don’t play with him, ’cause you’re playing with games!


Jackie Koester

Jackie Koester distinctly remembers the first time she made someone laugh. OH! What a joyous experience is was! Recalling it makes her whole body quiver. The pleasure. The exhilaration. The…oh!…just everything! So…she keeps trying to elicit that same feeling, selfishly, these days on purpose, but that first time was an accident, and now psychologically she is attempting to fill the void that that first public laugh gave her. She is empty. She yearns for your attention. She will be ruined without your laughing support. She is also from Kansas.

Josie Throup

Dorothy Parker is an old-fashioned Josie Throup. Both studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Warwick University, where they first found improv. The worms that consumed Parker’s corpse dream of their next chosen prey, who is currently writing, improvising and perspiring in Madrid. Find her in a memorial garden in North West Baltimore, or, on her feminist sketch comedy podcast The Ideal Logs.

Matt Ledding

Canadian Matt Ledding, after studying theatre and English Lit (University of Saskatchewan)decided to become a circus artist.  This delighted his parents. He graduated from l’ecole nationale de cirque de Montreal.

Eventually, he ran away from the circus to join a family and train wild English teachers. (He still sometimes does shows with circus and magic in English at He has two daughters and a very beautiful, patient, and wonderful wife who may someday read this.

Sandy King

IMG-20180118-WA0009Sandy was born in an unassuming corner of rural England in the early eighties and has been trying to make people laugh, things up and a living out of it ever since.  Surprisingly, this has taken him around three continents, and this international man of mystery is now on his second spell in Spain.  Once he attended the first ever meeting of MAD Improv, and he’s been dining out off the back of that ever since.  One day he will stop touring and get an apartment with an indefinite number of cats, but for now he’s an Arthurian knight by day and an improviser by night.

Stephen Loader

A live performer for 20 years and counting, Steve developed his improv at the London International School of Performing Arts as well as with teachers such as John Wright, author of, “Why Is That So Funny?” As a specialist in physical comedy and clowning, he’s created touring theatre shows with the likes of UK’s Lone Twin and Blah, Blah, Blah as well as with his own company, Abort Comedy. Steve also performs in Madrid with Freshly Comedy, the highest rated comedy show in Spain on Steve takes pleasure in the unexpected and the daft.

Summer Banks

SUMMER OF SUMMERLANDSummer Banks (real name) hails from the California desert where she grew up chasing tumbleweeds. She studied art history with the goal of being underpaid in New York and then got stuck in Berlin for the last eight years. Because everyone goes to Germany to learn comedy, she started performing improv with ComedySportz Berlin (neé Laugh Olympics), founded the Berlin English Improv Network, and ran two stand-up comedy open mics, much to the dismay of her liver. She’s also performed stand up in various cities around Europe, including at The Joker in Antwerp and the Comedy Store in Manchester. Since she’s spending the next %$&§ months writing her thesis, she moved south/west for the winter and is happy to join the MAD improv family.

KARLOS: The Canary Killer

Karlos Tarajano


Ian Downing-Beaver

Dominic Anglim

Gene Patrick-Smith

Scott Cleverdon

Rusty Birdwell

Navinya Lee

Mike Bowerman